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Beta on ios and android. Give it a try, I appreciate your feedback.

Tracking any workout made easier than ever with Roo fitness tracker.

Roo takes all the things you love about fitness trackers and opens them up to be used with any workout imaginable. With Roo fitness tracker, you can create any workout plan needed and have a customizable tracker built for you in return. No more paper and pencil to remember what you did the last workout. Also did I mention Roo is 100% free.

Roo provides advanced features to make creating any workout easy:

  • Create multiple exercise types, including Time, Rep, and Weight-based.

  • Set up multi-day Workout Plans that each can have their own exercises or share exercises.

  • Weight exercises calculate starting weight based on 1 REP max %.

  • Chose the amount or percentage to increase an exercise time, rep, or weight after success.

  • Can choose to increase exercise amount after a certain number of successful completions.

  • Can set time or rep capping and starting amounts.

  • Exercise view includes plate calculator.

Why try Roo:

  • Roo is 100% free.

  • Roo is on IOS and Android.

  • It's not made by a company, just someone who enjoys working out!

  • I have some cool features planned, like publishing your workout so other people can use it!

  • Anyone can request and get features into Roo; just visit the subreddit.